The Art Of The Surprise

What is the best thing about a surprise party? The surprise of course! The feeling of excitement and shock intermingled with joy and gratitude… it makes for a wonderful experience. Even better is when you receive a surprise present for no reason at all. After all, no one said that presents were only for birthdays and other special occasions. The best way to give it to someone is to make a surprise out of it. In order to do that successfully, you will need to follow the following rules.    

Keeping the Secret 

Keeping the secret is actually much harder than it seems, especially in this day and age. Imagine that you went shopping for jewellery when everyone around you knows that you don’t wear any. If you check-in on social media or post a picture of even something else, there’s always the chance that your true purpose would be leaked. This is especially true of work crowds because everyone works so close together. If you have a special business gifts HK for your boss on his anniversary, then you cannot be caught taking off early a week before to buy it for him/her. This also means keeping the secret from those in the surroundings who would even accidentally let it slip. So remember – you have to keep the secret. 

Delving into the Soul 

Think carefully about what to buy. There is no point in planning an elaborate surprise if their face falls even for a second because you have bought the wrong present. So observe your target well. Do they like music? Do they listen to it regularly? What kind of music do they like? Are they the outdoorsy type? Do they play sports? Find out the answers to the above questions and figure out their interests. Someone who is constantly hiking might appreciate a new backpack. Someone who is studying for an exam might appreciate stationary or a high-end lamp. Think about how useful it will be, how easy it is to handle and how much it will be needed. Remember – delve into the soul of the person you are shopping for. 

Learn the Humble Brag 

When your surprise goes off well, there are 2 ways to handle their effusive thanks: you can look like you deserve the thanks and lap it up or you can accept the thanks gratefully and humbly. The latter option is usually best because the first one can sometimes backfire. Learn how to humble brag about accomplishments: “Oh, I’m so glad that you like it. Yes, it was a little difficult to get hold of it but hey, it was worth it right?” They are happy, you are happy, everything worked out well in the end.